Berlin Tel. 0177 136 13 82

Age: 19
Bra size: 75 B
Confection: 34
Size: 170
Hair color: dark
Weight:< 55kg
Hairiness: hairless
Origin: Latvia
Speaks: little German English

Service (included)
Kiss; Body insemination; Change positions; Stroking and cuddling; Foot eroticism; Finger games (gently); Spanish; on request straps & high heels; French with; French with her; Traffic (also several times); Verbal eroticism; Facesitting; Truck or car;

Extras (extra charge)
Pee: 10 €
Vibrator games (active): 10 €
Vibrator games (passive): 10 €
French kisses: 10 €
Striptease: 10 €
Special oil massage: 15 €
Facial insemination: 20 €

Bizarre preferences (at an additional cost)
Submissive: 30 €
Corset: 30 €
Lacquer / leather: 10 €
Latex / rubber: 30 €

About meBerlin
I am Liza and I sit here and wait for your call. I look forward to starting a hot love game with you that will take us to the delights of love. We will do things together that you might not even know that such a thing is even possible. Let’s set off to a magical land that you won’t want to return from at all.

My name is Liza_2 and I am on the road as an escort beginner model Berlin to the truck, car. Would you like to order a woman discreetly via sex partner search to experience something? Then as a pretty housewife I am exactly the right one, because I can read your wishes from your eyes. I would also be happy to visit you in Potsdam, of course we pay attention to discretion.